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Tooth Whitening

A common concern for patients in regards to their teeth is colour. Most people want whiter, brighter and healthier looking teeth. Unfortunately as a result there has recently been an increasing number of groups preying on this by offering and marketing many unsafe whitening products and procedures to the general public.

Operators of shopping-centre whitening kiosks are dentally untrained and as yet there are no guidelines or regulations governing their operation, hygiene or safety. Side effects of treatment by untrained individuals can range from severe tooth sensitivity and ulceration, to chemical burns and blistering of the tissues in your mouth.

Even whitening toothpastes from supermarkets can be damaging to your teeth because they contain extra abrasive products that cause enamel wear and sensitivity.

Fernvale Dental offer whitening and healthy smile consultations for $50, which includes a thorough dental examination and a detailed treatment plan. During the consultation the cause of discoloration will be diagnosed, and the best treatment options will be discussed.

Before proceeding with any line of treatment your dentist will ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy, and inform you of any sensitivity you can expect and offer ways of managing it.

For more information on teeth whitening, contact Fernvale Dental to speak to someone directly or visit the Australian Dental Associations website. http://www.teethwhiteningfacts.com.au/