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Your Denture Needs

Partial or full dentures are considered a superior, more cost-effective way to replace missing teeth, or teeth that can't be restored. Partial dentures are often recommended as they have increased stability, maintain bone levels (as natural teeth are still present), which in turn will avoid having a sunken-in look in the future.


During your initial consultation appointment, your dentist will discuss your options in more detail and make some recommendations that would best suit you. Having dentures made usually averages a six week process, inclusive of a consultation.

Acrylic-Based Dentures

Acrylic-based dentures are made from a plastic-like material which is coloured to blend in with your gums. These dentures usually are more cost-effective, and are recommended for patients who plan on removing further teeth in the future. They generally are light weight and easy to modify/repair, however are somewhat weaker than other options.

Chrome Dentures 


Although chrome dentures are more expensive than acrylic-based, they tend to be stronger and have greater stability in the mouth. Chrome dentures usually appear less realistic, but due to the thinner and smaller design, are a much more comfortable fit.

Denture Care

Dentures need to be cleaned as often as you would clean your own natural teeth in order to prevent inflamed gums and bacterial/fungal infections. When cleaning your dentures, make sure to remove them out of your mouth and thoroughly clean your gums. It is also recommended that you remove your dentures out at night as this will give your gums a chance to rest.

Dentures vs Natural Teeth

In many cases, it is necessary to to have a denture made to fill in gaps in your smile and to increase the functionality of your molars. However, if you have the option to keep your own teeth we definitely recommend doing so. Dentures are never quite as good as your own teeth, as they cannot match the stability of natural teeth. They have also been known to cause discomfort in the initial stages of wearing them.

Book an appointment with a dentist at Fernvale Dental and we can help you pick out the right denture for your needs, and give you the confidence to smile again.


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