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White Fillings

If you notice a broken/cracked tooth, developed a cavity and/or recently lost a filling, white (or composite ) fillings are a viable option for you.


In today's dental industry, Amalgam fillings are considered significantly 'out of date'. These days composite fillings are not only far more cosmetically appealing, but carry many functional benefits, including:

  • Less sensitive to temperature as they do not contain mercury

  • Restoring most of the original strength of the tooth by bonding the filling with the actual tooth, preventing fractures in the long term.

  • Less natural tooth structure is removed in preparation for a composite filling.

For children, a composite filling is not always necessary, and we may recommend a fissure sealant. Fissure sealants are another type of tooth-coloured filling material, which are used to prevent decay in the deep grooves of the back teeth. Fissure sealants are used as a quick, painless preventative treatment option to fill the groove, as sometimes these fissures are far to narrow for a toothbrush to fit and thoroughly clean.

For more information in regards to fillings or fissure sealants please don’t hesitate to contact the surgery on 07 5427 0880.