Best solution for missing teeth!

Missing Teeth (source: Daniel Frank via

Best solution for missing teeth? Read on to find out more in detail. Dr. Tang is here to help you navigate you through the best option for you! Missing teeth – the perfect smile can’t be complete without a full set of teeth! As we get older, the likelihood of losing some of our natural teeth increases if we don’t care for them. This can result in either a partial or complete loss of teeth, also known as edentulism. Our teeth not only enhances our smile; they play an important role in everyday function such as chewing and speech. If we lose any of our teeth, this can result in issues which become more noticeable as we progressively lose more. A few problems that can arise include:

  • Tipping and tilting of teeth – resulting in bite issues
  • Overgrowing (or over eruption) of teeth
  • Decreased function/chewing capacity
  • Speech difficulties
  • Appearance issues such as sunken lips and cheeks

Seeking timely treatment following the loss of any tooth can not only help to address the existing problem, but to identity and plan for any future ramifications. There are multiple ways to replace missing teeth to aid in maintaining a healthy and functional smile – both fixed and removable – there’s an option for everyone. If you’re after other information regarding missing teeth or replacing them, drop by to see our friendly team or contact us on (07) 5427 0880.

-Dr. Alistair Tang