It’s important to introduce your children to professional dental care from an early age (as young as 2/3).  Booking regular checkups from this age will make the kids more comfy and relaxed at the dentist, and will also help grow the relationship between your children and the dentist/nurses!

Dental Care for Kids | Good Tooth Habits

The friendly team at Fernvale Dental aim to edify you on how to keep your kids’ (and your!) teeth healthy. It’s important to remember that prevention of any issues is always better than curing them – and as such Fernvale focus on preventative strategies during checkups. We use modern digital dental technology to show what’s working, and what needs work.

We recommend that kids brush their teeth 2x daily with a small, soft toothbrush (and a pea sized amount of toothpaste). Once children hit around three, they should do some of the brushing themselves so as to learn tooth brushing skills. Adult help with brushing your teeth is vital until the kids are at least 6. Nutritious healthy snacks and limiting sugary foods and drinking water rather than soft drink/juice are other recommendations from our team.

Some more tips:

  • Primary (baby) teeth are important as they play a vital role in achieving a healthy diet, and learning to speak.
  • Primary teeth also ‘reserve’ the correct spaces for adult teeth to use in the future.
  • Thumb sucking habits make the front teeth and surrounding bone pushed out of shape – have a chat with our dentists if this is a concern and your child is past preschool age.

For some children we’ll use fissure sealants – which prevent decay in the deep grooves of back teeth, which can be so narrow not even a toothbrush bristle will clean it properly.

These are a preventative dental care tips for young children that are quick and painless to get done!

If your child has anxiety about the dentist it is critical we work together to make a happy experience for them. We try to start with simple things on their first visit, so please bring them early so we can get on the right track!

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