Is flossing teeth important? How often should I floss my teeth a day? As dentists we are asked this question very frequently.

Obviously brushing your teeth is super important and you need to perform it correctly twice a day, but what about flossing?

Just brushing will never sufficiently clean off the plaque in between the majority of teeth and you absolutely DO need to floss!

Let’s learn more from Dr. Matt Kei:

Flossing Teeth – Is it really worth the effort?

If you brush and don’t floss, the nasties hiding in these regions will stick around and the sugary content in your diet will ferment them, causing the areas between the teeth to rot away.

These teeth can be irreparably damaged if you’re not careful – because the fact that this bacteria is ‘hidden’ means it’s-

a) difficult/impossible to clean using a tooth brushing alone, and
b) it’s hard to see them (even for dentists!) and we often need to pull out the x-ray to see what’s going on.

So, as you can see, flossing your teeth is an extremely important oral hygiene procedure, as it is able to clean out tight spaces between teeth.

Sadly flossing teeth is often overlooked because it is difficult to do quickly and effectively (unless you practice every day like we recommend!)

At Fernvale Dental we understand how important your oral health is and we will help you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding flossing, but hopefully this article answers some of your questions too – there’s absolutely no such thing as a healthy mouth without regular flossing to remove hidden bits of food and bacteria.

Flossing teeth is an absolute must for anyone who wants to have a healthy and happy set of chompers!

“Prevention is the key to a healthy oral environment.” – Dr Matt Kei

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