Visiting the Dentist When Pregnant – it’s imperative you inform the dentist of your condition.

Although normal checkups, scale and cleans, and ‘normal’ fillings can be done during pregnancy, sometimes major dental work (e.g. tooth extractions, root canals) can (and should) be delayed until AFTER you’ve given birth.

Visiting the Dentist When Pregnant

Going to the dentist when you're pregnant

Going to the dentist when you’re pregnant is usually fine, but it’s prudent to check with your dentist when you’re making any bookings.

Major dental work is assessed on a case by case basis. Your dentist will explain their decisions to you and answer any questions you may have.

Generally we avoid taking x-rays while you’re pregnant but in some cases this will come down to a personal choice.

We’ll make sure you have all the information required so you can make an informed decision on what you’d like to do.

As a general rule we avoid taking x-rays during pregnancy, however in some extreme cases we may require an x-ray for treatment. This will be your call at the end of the day.

Some antibiotics and local anaesthetics are not recommend while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

The team at Fernvale Dental will help you choose what to do – if it is necessary for your treatment we will ensure the appropriate medication is prescribed for you and your baby’s health.

If your gums are swollen, bleeding or look red while you are brushing then please come and see us – this is usually a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy helping inflame the gums.

Lastly, during your third trimester, the mother provides the minerals needed to calcify the infant’s teeth.

These minerals generally come from an increased intake of food and drink high in calcium! If you follow a nutritious diet and practise good dental hygiene during the pregnancy you’ll be doing the best you can for you and your baby’s teeth!

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