Why does our mouth produce saliva? What is it good for and what are the ramifications if we neglect our diet or stop drinking enough water? Let’s learn more about saliva, the ‘silent defender’ of your mouth!

What Is Saliva and What Does It Do?

Keeping hydrated on a hot summer’s day can be difficult as the mercury rises. Regardless, it’s imperative to keep your water intake levels high. This will ensure your saliva levels also remain high, and saliva does a LOT to help out your mouth – read on below!

Saliva is produced by 3 different glands within your mouth, which will create between 0.5 – 1.0 litres per day. The saliva is composed of ~99% water with the other 1% being solids, mostly proteins and electrolytes. Saliva helps keep our mouths healthy by assisting with the following:

  • Saliva helps protect from tooth decay and erosion – it dissolves acids in food.
  • The enzymes in saliva help us digest food.
  • Saliva also helps in cleaning and lubricating the mouth.
  • It covers gums and soft tissue, offering protection against bugs and microbes that may invade the mouth.
  • Saliva also assists in diluting and clearing sugars and carbohydrates you may have in your diet.

Low saliva flow is an indicator of higher rates of dental decay and dental erosion. If you leave these diseases untreated the ramifications can be quite severe, so please carefully examine your mouth, practise good dental hygiene and make regular dentist appointments. If you are concerned about dental decay or erosion, or are after more information, please get in contact with the friendly team at Fernvale Dental.

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